Come ready to roll up your sleeves and work on your social change initiative with experts in the fields of empathic design and innovation, social finance, public governance and shared value partnerships.

The need for an integrative model for social change can no longer be ignored. Top down national governance systems have failed to produce effective strategies to address some of the most pressing transnational problems facing people and planet today. Multilateral efforts are stymied by rising xenophobia and populist nationalist agendas. Bottom-up innovations experience fragility as they spring up in silos are underfunded and are subject to political volatility.

Launched in 2017, the GCR is more than an annual three day gathering. It is a new bottom-up borderless collective for social change harnessing the power of empathy (at self, social and systemic levels) and entrepreneurship to bring diverse stakeholders in the public, private, social and international community together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The GCR removes the key unknowns in social innovation by teaching a systematic approach that any social entrepreneur can implement to accelerate the rate at which they can produce the right innovations, articulate and communicate their unique value, attract congruent capital and scale their impact.

The three day experience is a deep dive into your social change initiative and in an intimate setting you workshop your initiative in preparation for attracting both private and public sector partners.

A jumpstart and entry point into the U-Solve Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme, social impact entrepreneurs get an extraordinary opportunity to roll up their sleeves, scrutinize and develop their ideas with experts. In the Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme, over a 12 month period you receive ongoing support, not only to learn how to articulate your vision for change with clarity and in a way which resonates deeply with multiple stakeholders, but also how to attract key partners, align your innovation with the Global Goals and public sector procurement budgets and to design, structure, negotiate and close Public Private Purpose Partnerships (4P) for shared value and positive social impact.