U-Solve School of Empathic Leadership & Entrepreneurship (SELE) is social enterprise incorporated in the United Kingdom with registered offices in Bath and currently going through the B-Corp Certification process. U-Solve SELE incubates sustainable solutions to global and local challenges and we operate as an entrepreneurial eco-system builder with members building initiatives in the UK, Europe, Africa, India and the Caribbean. We are currently mapping our impact against the sustainable development goals relating to education, innovation and entrepreneurship (SDG 4, 8 and 9), sustainable public procurement (SDG 12.7) and global partnerships (SDG 17.17).

Through our online programmes, live educational events, consulting and generative community initiatives U-Solve applies it proprietary tools and frameworks based on the Empathic Method™ for personal resilience, innovation, conflict resolution and leadership. Our work is aimed at increasing the personal, social and collective intelligence for global sustainable transformation and we are currently pioneering research on empathic anger, impact measurement for SDG readability and new contracting models for public private partnerships.

U-Solve is a member of the UK branch of the Social Value International network of organizations working to transform the way society accounts for value through principles, practice, people and power and Blockchain for Sustainable Development (B4SD) an advocacy, education and incubation network promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal attainment through the use of blockchain and emerging technologies.

To learn more visit our website at https://www.u-solve.org

U-Solve has partnered with Social Value UK and the Global Goals 4P Contracting Model incorporates the Impact Measurement frameworks designed by Social Value.