Personal Transformation & Leadership | Clarity of Purpose | Self-Empathy

Do you have a deep understanding of your purpose and how it relates to your social change work? Do you understand your deepest motivators and distractors? Do you understand the type of energy you give off as a leader and know how to manage diverse creative teams? On Day 1 of the bootcamp, we will lay bare the precursors to innovation – the foundation is you. We show you how to not only start better understanding yourself and the people around you, but also to start anticipating the struggles you will face as a social leader. You will discover through process how to start designing and embodying ways of interacting that creates the foundation necessary for not only continuous problem solving and innovating, but also becoming the kind of person you wish to become. The kind of person whose sense of self is deeply aligned with one’s values.

On Day 1 of this bootcamp you will learn:

  • How to build personal agility by anticipating struggles that you will face as a social leader
  • Start to design powerful ways of empathically interacting that will help create the basis for resiliency and strategic intelligence
  • Develop the language of a great social innovator that will enable you to understand others in a way that manages and leverages tensions
  • Understand the important markers of the innovator’s journey and prepare yourself for it

Innovation & Value | Clarity of Problem-space | Social Empathy

Many initiatives fail because they have an idea looking for a solution rather than a right product solving a right problem. On Day 2, we show you how to gain clarity on the problem you are solving, the needs of those you serve and your potential impact by giving you the human-centered tools, processes and know how to dive into any problem space in which you are interested in creating change. You will learn how to deeply understand the problem space and from this understanding structure what you’ve learned to design and prototype a breakthrough solution that can drive real change.

On Day 2 of this bootcamp you will learn:

  • To uncover cognitive biases that endanger your ability to truly understand the problem space and create the right solution
  • Conduct listening sessions to get inside the minds of those within the problem space
  • Gain understanding on deep seated reasons, patterns and then generate mental models from those patterns which will allow you to map out your initiatives impact path for the next 10 years
  • How to segment patterns from the problem space that allows you to differentiate the what, when, and how
  • Build an opportunity map to guide your decision making and precisely select which part of the problem space you want to solve in what order

Partnerships & Impact Thinking | Clarity of Process | System Empathy

How do you make your social innovation a reality? Building on the insights from Days 1 and 2 Day 3 provides participants with a practical system for engaging stakeholders, collaborating with partners, measuring impact and attracting capital. Participants are given the tools to tap into and align their impact within the emerging global governance standard – Agenda 2030. Participants also address the often-ignored drivers of social investment and public sector contracting with the aim of deepening capability for creating sustainable connections and partnerships. You are introduced to U-Solves’ Global Goals 4P Contracting Model which enables entrepreneurs to measure impact in terms of the 17 SDG Goals, 169 Targets and 230 Indicators. This SDG readability then serves as the foundation for the structuring and negotiation of Privately Financed Social Initiatives (PFSIs) undertaken in partnership with local authorities. The Model is a social finance innovation developed by combining existing public-sector procurement methodologies for privately financed initiatives, social impact measurement methods and the tripartite contracting device of social impact bonds.

On Day 3 of this bootcamp you will learn:

  • A new SIB + mechanism for social financing: the Global Goals 4P Contract Model and practical methods for making it a reality within 12 months
  • How to design, align and track your impact against the SDGs in order to create deep resonance with potential social investors and public sector buyers
  • 10 critical impact questions you must ask in order to measure your impact effectively
  • How to engage with stakeholders, collect data and design (or change) your activities to increase your impact
  • How to use PPP regulatory frameworks to structure and lead public-private partnerships for the creation of shared social value and measurable progress against the SDGs
  • How to design your own customized Global Goals 4P Catalyst Map

Participants of the 12 month programme will also receive (a) access to the Global Goals 4P Contracting Toolbox which contains the five-step method for developing a Privately Financed Social Initiative (PFSI) for your ‘Proof of Concept’ or your next level of scale, including stakeholder mapping tools, proposal and pitch templates, critical deal sheets and checklists for incentivizing partners, managing contract risk and demonstrating your impact. (b) 12 months of business development, legal and impact measurement support to help you to design, structure, negotiate and close Public Private Purpose Partnerships (4P Contracts) for measurable progress in respect of the SDGs.