Please see information on the two GCR Tracks:

Track 1 : Changemaker

You are desirous of creating impact in respect of some of the most pressing challenges facing people and planet and you want to be a part of a community which will provide you with the tools, resources, mentorship and partnerships to become a more effective changemaker. The Changemaker Track includes the three (3) day retreat and twelve (12) month group programme designed to help you to develop, market, resource and scale your initiative.

Track 2 : Global Goals 4P Accelerator

You already have an established business/organization/project and you can demonstrate your proof of concept. You recognize the need to create a more resilient ecosystem around your initiatives and you desire to learn how to design, develop, initiate and lead multi-stakeholder partnerships (public, private and third sector actors) for social change. The Global Goals 4P Accelerator includes the three (3) day retreat and a twelve (12) month programme. To learn more about the Global Goals Public Private Partnerships Track click here.