The Global Challenges Retreat is an intensive three-day bootcamp which serves as a jumpstart to the 12-month Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme/Impact Accelerator. The 4P Model brings together a public sector commissioner, the Partner, a private sector financier, the Pledger and an impact entrepreneur, the Proposer all sharing the Purpose of measurable impact in respect of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our 4P methodology enables entrepreneurs to measure their impact in terms of the SDG Goals, Targets and Indicators. This SDG readability then serves as the foundation for the structuring and negotiation of Privately Financed Social Initiatives (PFSIs) undertaken in partnership with local authorities. These we call Public Private Purpose Partnerships (4P) contracts which are initiated from the bottom-up. Our aim is to facilitate formal and transparent avenues for anyone who has an innovation to develop an impact-based business model and a 4P ecosystem around it, to measure, fund and scale SDG impact.

The Programme is results-focused and participants are provided with specialist implemented business development, legal, and impact measurement support to design, structure, negotiate and close 4P contracts <3M providing participants with Proof of Concept or scaling funds for between 12 - 36 months. This programme is in beta phase with the objective of creating between 6-12 successful case studies over the programme period. Spaces are limited precisely because of the implemented consulting support and so applicants will be selected on the basis of project suitability for the 4P Contracting Model.

Applicants may be invited to participate in the 3 day intensive bootcamp only or the full Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme. Participation in the Global Goals 4P Programme is determined by U-Solve after the enrollment call.

Are you an employee of a corporation, charity or NGO and would need to convince your supervisor of the benefits of this programme to the organization's bottom line? Send us an email at