Global Goals Accelerator Programme

The Global Goals 4P Contracting Model is a mechanism operating at the intersection of public procurement, private finance and social impact entrepreneurship. SDG 17.17 encourages and promotes effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships to meet the Global Goals. Although SDG 17 is categorized as Tier III (still under methodological development) the 4P Contracting Model is specifically designed to facilitate these co-operations and to align the public, private and purpose sectors in win-win-win partnerships to make measurable progress against the Sustainable Development Goals. The 4P Model specifically addresses the need to create a more open, inclusive and innovative public procurement function, to generate and align more capital toward the SDGs and to encourage, facilitate and strengthen bottom-up sustainable innovation for social progress.

The Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme is a unique results-based, twelve-month impact pathway designed to arm innovative entrepreneurs pioneering solutions to sustainable development challenges with new skills, a roadmap and expert assistance to achieve three specific outcomes:

(a) gain deep understanding of the problem you are solving at self, social and systemic levels; and the value you provide(b) design a rigorous social business model for SDG Readability and to secure Congruent Capital(c) design, structure, pitch and negotiate your first Privately-Financed Social Initiative for public sector partnership to fund your ‘Proof of Concept’ or your next level of scale up between 12- 36 months.

Graduates of this programme will be pioneers of an innovative public contracting framework and will have developed the unique expertise to develop social change initiatives, products and services that communicate in a common language with social investors in order to raise investment and which can be used to initiate, structure and close partnership deals with public sector bodies.

  • Blended learning, using a combination of face-to-face and technology-enabled delivery
  • Three day Immersive bootcamp face-to-face
  • Twelve online classes – one per month
  • Eight taught Modules
  • One-to-One virtual coaching support

  • An undergraduate degree in any field (exceptions can be made if you have demonstrable experience and/or expertise in the field in which you are innovating).
  • You must have a social change initiative or idea (there is no need for a Proof of Concept at this stage)
  • You have the time and energy seriously to commit to your initiative in the next 6-12 months

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