Global Goals Contracting Model

The challenges facing people and planet today are urgent and complex. Despite global and national commitments to the ambitious and potentially transformational 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and targets in the Paris Climate Agreement, our current rate of progress is lagging what is required to meet them (UNSDG Annual Report 2017). Public frustration at the failure of public institutions to engender trust and openness in the processes to take on these collective challenges is also at an all-time high (Edelman Trust Barometer 2017).

We have reached the point where there is a collective will to do more but no collective vehicle to make change happen. Top-down global and national governance systems are not producing effective solutions fast enough to match or outpace the rate of degradation of the planet and to address human suffering perceived to be caused by the forces of economic globalization. Multilateral efforts are stymied by rising xenophobia and populist nationalist agendas. There is no credible and formal avenue for Impact Entrepreneurs, who are identifying gaps, designing and pioneering sustainable solutions, to initiate collaborations in the efforts to address global challenges.  As a result, these bottom-up sustainable innovations are experiencing fragility as they spring up in silos are underfunded and are subject to political volatility. For those of us grappling with these problems, there is therefore an urgent need to develop new eco-systems which allow for an open, inclusive and integral approach to developing solutions to global challenges.

The Global Goals 4P Contracting Model has been designed by us in response to this need for an open, inclusive and integral model for making co-operative decisions and taking bottom-up action on solving global challenges. The 4P is a public private purpose partnership model which can be initiated by the public or private sector and is designed, structured and negotiated transparently within an accountable framework. The Model is a development combining existing procurement methodologies for privately financed initiatives, social impact measurement methods and the tri-partite contracting device of social impact bonds and

(i) enables any individual with the knowledge, expertise and the boldness to take action, to work collaboratively with public and private stakeholders to solve global and local challenges.

(ii) enables philanthropists and corporations to align their donations and CSR budgets to national SDG priorities, support and collaborate on community-based innovations and to receive measurable Social Return On Investment (SROI)

(iii) enables public sector buyers with an alternative way of procuring social value with a new no-risk contracting model to access and co-produce social value and social impact with those they are there to serve

The Global Goals 4P Contracting Model is more than a social financing instrument and has much to do with answering the pressing political question of how to democratize public decision-making and spending for greater inclusion and shared public value creation. This approach has the potential to create new ways to engage with and transform public frustration and mistrust into the fuel required for co-creating a better future.

Participants in GCR 2018 will be given a deep dive into this new model and will be introduced to the considerations which must be addressed in order to design ‘SDG readable Proof of Concepts’ and form the foundation of an effective public-private-purpose partnership for shared value creation. GCR 2018 serves as an entry point into our 12 month Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme where participants are provided with support from social innovation, legal, impact measurement and social finance experts to design, structure, negotiate and close 4P contracts.

We feel privileged to be pioneering this innovative public contracting model worldwide and we look forward to supporting innovative social impact entrepreneurs, partnering with responsible investors and engaging visionary political decision-makers who are inspired by these ideas and are courageous enough to take bold steps toward co-creating a better future for this and future generations.

Our White Paper on the Global Goals 4P Contracting Model titled ‘Co-Creating a Better Future’ will be published at GCR 2018 with participants receiving first access along with the Global Goals 4P Contracting Toolbox and Handbook.

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