The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for global development adopted in September 2015, set to be achieved by 2030. All countries of the world have agreed to work towards achieving these goals.

This SDG Tracker was compiled by Oxford Martin School researchers and presents data across all available indicators from the Our World in Data database, using official statistics from the UN and other international organizations.

It is the first publication that tracks global progress towards the SDGs and allows people around the world to hold their governments accountable to achieving the agreed goals.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are defined in a list of 169 SDG Targets. Progress towards these Targets is agreed to be tracked by 232 unique Indicators. Here is the full list of definitions.

This version of the Oxford Martin SDG-Tracker was launched on 28th June 2018. It is kept up to date with the most recent data and SDG developments through to the end of the 2030 Agenda

All of the data in the tracker is sourced from official, high-quality sources including the UN, World Bank, World Health Organization, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, WHO JMP, UNESCO, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, amongst others. All of the metrics should be updated from these sources in real-time; as soon as the latest data is available for a given indicator, it will automatically update on the interface (data releases tend to be on an annual basis).

All of the data is downloadable, and maps and charts are open-access.