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How Can You Reliably Gain Public and Private Investment To Fuel Your Big Idea In The Next 12 Months?

Our mission with the Global Challenges Retreat is to give you a system that allows you to do just that.

A system that will arm you with the latest research and insider strategies that allow you to secure investment in a very reliable and repeatable way.

A roadmap with directions and explanations which will aid you in every project for social impact that you may decide to take on throughout the rest of your life

Implemented expert support to help you to design, structure, negotiate and close your first public private partnership within the next 12 months.

How can we say that our system can help you secure public and private contracts with such confidence? 4P is based on a collaborative model which has three parts.

  1. We bring some of the latest neuroscience-based frameworks for empathic design and innovation to help you deeply to understand your problem-space, the people your product aims to serve and the emotional drivers of key decision-makers. It is scientifically proven that people make their decisions emotionally and then justify them logically; thus, we enable you with tools to build your cognitive empathic capability to strengthen your solution design and your ability to persuade others to take action.
  2. We bring actual public sector experience which provides insight into the laws and policies governing how governments buy, address unsolicited proposals, negotiate and close privately financed initiatives and which programs receive public investment. We have designed our roadmap and impact-based blueprint to match up with international standards relating to PPPs and sustainable public procurement.
  3. We have also developed a never-before-seen system to secure private investment that utilizes the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These are a part of the globally-recognized standard for sustainable impact, the 2030 Agenda. This 4P Contracting Model allows you to approach any private and public investment partner with the right tools to show them what they want to see.

Key Benefits

Become one of a select group of Social Impact Entrepreneurs pioneering a new bottom-up political and financing model for social innovation and learn a repeatable process for designing, structuring, negotiating and closing privately financed no-risk public sector deals for your social change initiatives

Learn neuroscience-based tools and strategies for building your Empathic Capabilities (EC)-IQ which will help you to:

  • Articulate your vision in a way which deeply resonates with key stakeholders

  • Master the skill of deeply connecting with any target audience

  • Motivate and persuade decision-makers to take action on your ideas

  • Become a more effective leader of diverse creative teams

  • Attract and retain key partners and resources

Join a new social impact entrepreneurial ecosystem which increases your access and builds your capacity to engage with private and public sector stakeholders and international organisations.

Learn how to build and sustain your own influential entrepreneurial ecosystem around your social change idea.

Learn how to position yourself and your initiative to influence change in your community on one or more of the Global Goals.

Learn how to measure your impact in a way your key stakeholders recognise. Go beyond quoting and referencing the SDGs to knowing how to measure your impact against one or more of the 169 Targets and 230 Indicators

Learn how to align your work with your local public sector procurement budgets and to conceptualize and design persuasive Unsolicited Proposals aligned to the UK Public Services Social Value Act 2012 and the 2014 EU Directives on Social & Environmental Public Procurement.

Get access to the Global Goals 4P Contracting Toolbox which contains the five-step method for developing a Privately Financed Social Initiative (PFSI) for your ‘Proof of Concept’ or your next level of scale, including stakeholder mapping tools, proposal and pitch templates and critical deal sheets & checklists for incentivizing partners, managing contract risk and demonstrating your impact.

Get your customized Global Goals 4P Catalyst Map along with 12 months of legal and impact measurement support to help you to design, structure, negotiate and close Public Private Purpose Partnerships (4P Contracts) for positive social impact.

Make something people want …

and the world needs.

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